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American Bulldog
- an imposing and loving guard dog


About the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is used for guarding. He is very protective and devoted to his master. The quadruped is very active and easy to care for. With a strong character, training is very important from an early age. In addition, the American Bulldog must be socialized to avoid behavioral problems.

What does an American Bulldog look like?

The American Bulldog is a massive, well-built dog with a strong appearance. The head is large and the muscles are well-defined, with a strong jaw. The fur of the dog, even if it is short and smooth, should be brushed regularly. The predominant colors of the fur are white with red, brown or brindle spots. The muzzle is black, which can be covered with white spots. American Bulldogs with longer muzzles and more square heads are generally more athletic than the standard ones. The eyes are usually brown but there are also specimens that have eyes of different colors due to heterochromia, this being just a matter of cosmetic factor. The American Bulldog can weigh between 27 and 54 kilograms and can reach a height of between 52 and 70 centimeters.

The ideal owner for the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is right for you if you live in a house and have a fenced yard. Moreover, it is ideal if you are looking for a loving and tender animal for all family members, but which is also a fearless watchdog. In addition, the Bulldog is the right choice if you want a dog that is easy to care for, that is obedient and wants to perform all the tasks that are offered.

However, the American Bulldog is not the ideal breed if you live in a small, apartment-type space. In addition, you should reconsider your choice if you do not have enough time to devote to daily walks. The strong personality of the American Bulldog could be a problem if you have a sensitive nature and do not have the necessary experience in training such an independent dog.

The personality and the behavior of the American Bulldog

Calm and respectful

The American Bulldogs puppies are recognized as shy, so they need a lot of attention from their owners. Over time, the dog becomes very attached to the owner and socializes very easily with those around him. As a personality, the American Bulldog stands out for its protective style towards children and family, for its self-confidence, but also for tolerance and balance.

Although the purpose of the breed was to be useful to farmers, in catching wild boar, in herding cattle and guarding properties, with specialized training, socializing and exercise, American Bulldog can be excellent pets as well. The imposing muscles and stature make him a good watchdog, as the dog has a well-developed sense of ownership.

The American Bulldog in the family

The American Bulldog is known for its special interaction with the adoptive family. This dog is very protective, playful, friendly, always active and devoted to its owners. The quadruped is very useful to his family, that's why, in popular terms, it is also called "the dog that does everything". Many dog ​​owners of this breed have noticed, however, that the dog's tendency is to treat family members differently. They will be delicate and tender with weaker and more energetic people and easily adaptable to the "masculine" style of the other members.

The quadruped has a special affection for the children in the house and will be a wonderful play partner. This breed has a high resistance to pain, so it can accept more easily than other quadrupeds the more dynamic style of children to play. However, because they are quite solid animals, they must be supervised when they are around the little ones, because they can overturn over them. For a better relationship with children, it is recommended to socialize with them since they are puppies.

Interaction with other animals

It is recommended that the American Bulldog interact as much as possible with other animals since they are puppies. For a better relationship with other non-speakers, it is recommended that the quadruped does not live in the house with more than one dog of the opposite sex.

Reluctant to strangers

The American Bulldog tends to be very protective of its owners, so it can become very reluctant to strangers. The feeling of distrust towards strangers can disappear in time, if he meets that person several times. For people who want this dog to be family-friendly and not a guard dog, it must be given the chance to socialize as much as possible with people.

Barking tendency

Because he is a good watchdog, the American Bulldog will bark and alert his owners every time he feels a danger to himself and his family.

Feeding and caring for the American Bulldog


The American Bulldog dog grows very quickly in the first 12-18 months of life. Because of this, the food given to it must contain many vitamins, minerals and calcium in order to develop a healthy and strong immune system. In addition, food must also contain protein and fat, and the feeding period must be constant - three times a day at fixed times. Disorderly and excessive feeding should be avoided. Due to the fact that it is a slender breed with well-defined muscles, it is necessary to avoid gaining weight. Therefore, it is preferable to take a half-hour walk after each meal to eliminate excess calories.

An unpretentious race

This breed of dog does not require difficult care, as it has a short and smooth fur. It is recommended, however, to brush the fur at least twice a week while the animal is shedding to remove dead hairs. Due to the fur that does not fully protect his skin, the owner is advised to avoid walking in the strong sun, because the breed is prone to sunburn, which has serious repercussions over time on the health of the quadruped. The claws can be cut by the masters, no specialist is needed. Maintenance should preferably be done once every 10-15 days. Like the claws, the ears can also be cleaned by the owner with sterile compresses at the same time.

Common ailments and predisposition to disease

To avoid aggressive congenital diseases, it is recommended to check the breeder where you are going to get your dog. Although they are strong and healthy dogs, this breed can also have certain diseases after a certain time. The most common disease of American Bulldogs, especially in medium and large dogs, is hip dysplasia. The American Bulldog breed can also suffer from heterochromia, a disease that pigments the eyes differently, this disease being only a cosmetic one. Congenital diseases of the spine and heart can also occur. It is important to mention that females of this breed need a cesarean section during calving due to the size of the chicks' heads.

The most common ailments of the American Bulldog breed are:

  • eye irritations and infections
  • hip dysplasia
  • hypothyroidism
  • parvovirus
  • skin allergies
  • heart disease
  • convulsions
  • umbilical hernia

Environment and adaptability

American Bulldog dogs can adapt to any condition and can complete any use they have. Due to its strong character, it has adapted to the different situations in which it has been placed, and the versatility of this breed has shown that it can be not only a guard dog or pet.

Yard or apartment?

Because they are quite tall and strong, but also because they are full of energy, American Bulldogs need more space than an apartment. A medium-sized yard can satisfy their need to run, play or interact with other animals. Another need mentioned in the breeding manuals is the fenced yard. The quadrupeds can also be kept in the apartment if they are given daily walks to consume their energy, these being indicated to be done regularly, at least three times a day.

Average tolerance of being left alone

The American Bulldog dog needs the owner's attention and a lot of socialization. Common as a house guard, the American Bulldog is quite independent and can be left alone, but not for very long periods of time.

Adaptation to the weather

Due to the short and smooth fur, the Bulldog American dog does not tolerate the cold or the extreme heat very well.

American Bulldog training


American Bulldog training is very important in shaping behavior. It teaches the dog to be obedient, respectful and to socialize more easily with other animals or other people. Given the fact that this breed is a very energetic one, the training also helps to consume the energy that the quadruped proves.

As a special mention, one of the main commands to learn is to "let go". This command must be given often so that the animal knows how to release the prey or the attacker from the socket. If you want the animal to be a family one and not necessarily a guard, help it socialize as often as possible with humans and animals through long and frequent walks.

The instinct of hunting and tracking

The American Bulldog has proven many times that it is a very versatile animal. Due to its strong character, it has adapted to the different situations in which it has been put, from a bear hunting dog to a working dog on a farm. Today, this breed is mainly used for company and guarding.

Other details

History of the American Bulldog breed

The American Bulldog dog breed has its origins in America around 1066, and its origins in the old English Bulldog. The existence of the American Bulldog breed is due to the efforts of John D. Johnson of Summerville and Alan Scott. John D. Johnson, who returned from World War II, was very disappointed with the almost complete extinction of this breed, as well as that of the English Mastiff. Then he decided to save this breed, taking care of their breeding.

The “American Bully” is used as a watchdog, by hunting bears, wild boars, squirrels and even raccoons. Farmers value these dogs very much because of their resilience, intelligence, protective instinct and ability to work.